Thursday, December 01, 2022

Etceteral - Rhizome [Glitterbeat Records / Tak:til]

Released via the Glitterbeat Records offshoot Tak:til on November 11th, 2k22 is "Rhizome", the sophomore full length album effort created, cooked up and recorded by the Slovenian trio that is Etceteral after their 2k20 longplay debut "Ama-gi". Rolled out over the course of 10 brand new tracks and a total of 41.41 minutes the group takes on a meandering, ultimately non-linear approach to a fusion - or better: amalgamation - of mainly uplifting, positive and well Psychedelia-infused jazzed out jam vibes, free-floating electronic textures and classic Electronica- / Indietronica-influences which lead to most beautiful, crackly minimal abstractions like "UY Scuti", the rhythmically complex advanced space dancefloor smash that is the subsequent "Brasshopper" and the hyper dense FreeImprov approach of "Rome Burns" which interestingly switches into straight-forward, albeit slightly krautsy and Future Tribal-leaning electronic club mode for a while halfway down the line whereas pieces like "Dunno" present an attitude of tentative future late night Jazz classics to be, "Ton 618" drifts into ominous, detailed, spatial and nightmare'ish territories when it comes to subaquatic Indietronica sounds for delirious fever dreams whilst the second to last cut that is "Ave" makes us think of vintage Mouse On Mars in Jazz for a reason before "Idler Idol" redefines drifting, ever hypnotizing DreamOut music for late 2k22 just to name a few. One to check out for both fans of Contemporary Jazz and fans of meandering electronic music structures alike.

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