Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Atol Atol Atol - Koniec Sosu Tysiaca Wysp [Gusstaff Records]

'Island PostPunk from the south of Poland' - this is how the accompanying promo sheet describes this new release on the ever active and well buzzing Polish label Gusstaff Records. Released on October 21st, 2k22 the four piece band grouped around vocalist Agata Horwat provides a ten song and roughly 35 minutes strong body of work which seems to be mostly at home in what could be described as a drawer of hounded and hectic, heavily Punk-leaning PostPunk and (No)Wave of a high octane, albeit garage'esque lo-fi quality, catering to the wildest, most underground and moshpit hosting dancefloors of subsurface squat clubs, attended by a well initiated and knowledgeable local crowd of uber-goths and hardcore punks alike which are set to go absolutely berzerk to fast lane peaktime cuts like "Gdyby Swiat", the greyscale'ish hypertension brought forward by "Historie O Tobie" as well as the krautsy, well seductive instrumental grooves of "Atol Map Ref. 17°03'E 51°07'N" and the fast paced funkiness of the tracks like "Koniec Sosu Tysiaca Wysp" or "Napisy Koncowe" which both evoke distant memories of alltime favorite bands like Bitch Band No I just to name a few. Good stuff on Gusstaff , this!

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