Saturday, December 17, 2022

Cucina Povera - Tuhka [Infinite Greyscale 015]

Finally. Infinite Greyscale is back with its 015 and with it comes the return of one-sided, beautifully silk-screened art vinyl which provides the first release by Glasgow-based Finnish musician Maria Rossi for the label. Using her sonic moniker Cucina Povera for this two track release Rossi opens with "Kärpässieni", a caressing amalgamation of soft lo-fi synth tones and ever repeating tape-loop non-vocalisms accompanied by enchanted, crystal-clear melodies of innocent, somewhat medieval qualities whereas "Varisevalehti" is based on a foundation of a looped, ever repeating, rhythmic and more clearly recognizable syllabic snippet on top of which a solemn, ecclasiastical and ceremonial vocal performance unfolds, obviously contrasted by an additional background layer of mumbles and rearranged, further processed vocal snippets taken off an old 'learn Italian' record plunderphonic-style. Quite a beautiful and calm Ambient experience this one is.


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