Friday, December 09, 2022

Elephant Dials - Binary Blues [Gusstaff Records]

Coming in from the pioneering Polish label Gusstaff Records is "Binary Blues", the November 25th, 2k22 released debut album by Elephant Dials, a duo consisting of John J. Donatowicz a.k.a. Human Elephant and Mateusz Rosinski a.k.a. Wrong Dials which joined studio and songwriting forces as a result of a shared extended history of mutual DJ gigs. The result, a seven tracks and roughly 30 minutes spanning album, sees the two artists taking a shot at what might be filed under the flag of highly electronically-infused Industrial Leftfield Blues, combining classic Blues-themes with demanding, imperative 4/4 rhythm sequences in the fascinating opening cut that is "Bury Me Not In The Lone Prairie" whereas "Listen To My Song" sports hard hitting dystopian darkness and echoes of creeping bass music sonically and "For The Good Of The Hive" seems to flirt with both Spoken Word and Blues-infused Illbient to an intense, well nightmare-inducing effect. Furthermore the "Song For Pluto" probably represents a deep, well electronic version of floating, (Neo)Cosmic-infused Minimal Delta Blues - and yes: probably think Depeche Mode here - , "Hier Steht Der Stein" offers hard hitting Dope Beats and trippy distortion alongside ethereal melodies of probably imagined Asian decent and dramatic Spoken Words for those who loved creepy Leftfield Pop cuts like Garbage's "Paranoid", Babylon Zoo's "Spaceman" or anything by early Tricky throughout the 90s before "Old Ones Into New" presents slightly washed out and Psychedelia-infused PopAmbient vibes and spaced out advertisements and the final cut that is "Twenty-Five Seconds" ends on what probably is a modular synthesis inspired and well experimental Noize tip. If this album defines Blues for 2k22 we're all in.


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