Tuesday, December 13, 2022

RKeT - Bring You 10 Evergreens In Stereo [Umland Records 056]

Released via the ever active Essen-based imprint that is Umland Records on November 20th, 2k22 is "Bring You 10 Evergreens In Stereo", the latest ten tracks and 43 minutes spanning album outing by RKet, a trio comprised of Jan Klare, Luc Ex and Onno Govaert. Starting from a point of raw, driving and smokey, well muscular and dancefloor-suitable Jazz - not: Dancefloor Jazz in a sense that might refer to what the original Mojo Club in Hamburg pioneered in its heydays - with "Am Misbehavin" the limited to 50 copies CD edition progresses into deep tension and thundering drumroll madness with "I'm An Old Coward Out To Lunch", brings forth buzzing, jazzed out funkiness with "Ornette Hawkins", gets down dirty with the nocturnal grooves of "In The Mud", enters fully fledged FreeJazz territories whilst walking the "Clear Bridge Over Troubled Water" before the "House Of The Dying Sun" shifts gears towards high speed settings and introduces what could be described as a heavy, almost Metal / Punk-infused drum excesses to otherwise well melodic and captivating Jazz vibes whilst the subsequent cut that is "What A Wonderful Word" deals with brooding, somewhat yearning and unsettling Jazz drones for a closing just to mention a few favorites here. One to get of you're an avid collector of rare, somewhat leftfield and exploratory Contemporary Jazz editions for a reason.


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