Monday, December 19, 2022

No Hay Banda - I Had A Dream About This Place [No Hay Discos 002]

Put out on the circuit via the artist- / group-run label No Hay Discos on November 4th, 2k22 is "I Had A Dream About This Place", the latest extended album release of No Hay Banda which are described as leaning towards experimental Contemporary Chamber Music in the accompanying press sheet yet refuse to operate within the confinements that traditional associations with the Chamber Music genre might bring. With four long-form compositions by the likes of Anthony Tan, Sabrina Schroeder, Andrea Young and Mauricio Pauly laid out over a roughly 100 minutes covering 2CD set No Hay Banda explore a fascinating sonic sphere of intense, droning, yet somewhat washed out Dark Ambient / Cold Ambient sounds paired with highly dramatic bursts, an overall sense of imminent doom and hint at the incomprehensible frostiness and hostility towards life one faces when entering the far reaches of our galaxy in the opening piece "An Overall Sense Of Well-Being" whereas the subsequent "Rubber Houses" starts from a point of scraping mechanical minimalism of almost electro-acoustic qualities and progresses into a threatening maelstrom of stripped down, warped Rhythm Industrial x amplified and fluttering microtonal Noize. Furthermore the second disc of the set brings on "A Moment Or Two Of Panic", an amalgamation of unsettling electronic textures, elegic, Contemporary Classical-leaning string layers and a levitating, well extraordinary and almost opera-like vocal performance laid down by Sarah Albu followed by "The Difference Is The Buildings Between Us" which, once again, explores the cross section of warm and stripped down, droning and low-end focused Dark Ambient occasionally paired with echoes of scraping digital surface noise as well as spine-tingling off-kilter strings and further experimental goodness for all fans and followers of top tier Deep Listening Music. Recommended.

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