Sunday, December 18, 2022

ACM - ACM [Aut Records 086]

Released via Aut Records as the labels 086 on November 15th, 2k22 is the new, first and self-titled album by ACM, an improvisational - and state-funded - full length album effort created by the trio comprised of Anna Kaluza, Celine Voccia and Matthias Bauer. Realized on an instrumental setting of alto sax, piano and double bass the three musicians embark on a 51+ minutes spanning nine part journey into the realms of playful, tentative and tender improvisation and FreeJazz of partially well enchanted and frolicking qualities ("Part 3"), partially entering territories of big time piano vs. sax drama and a certain take on intentionally atonal and disharmonic performance ("Part 4") whereas the brooding minimalism of "Part 6" seems to evoke memories of the iconic 'Jaws' score for a second prior to making its way to a proper FreeJazz climax whilst "Part 7" sports all buzzing liveliness and other characteristics associated with the genre without entering the more extreme territories which might make novices and other curious first time FreeJazz explorers shy away from it again after a brief encounter. If anything, this might be one well suitable album to start your personal exploration of improvised, free-floating Jazz music.

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