Monday, January 30, 2023

Xotox - Erkenntnis [Infacted Recordings Promo]

Put out on the digital circuit via Infacted Recordings on January 20th, 2k23 as the next prequel to the forthcoming new Xotox album is "Erkenntnis", the new single release by the long-standing producer x project who has been making waves on vantablack underground dancefloors for 25 years now. Opening with the original version of "Erkenntnis" Xotox enters a spine-tingling sonic universe comprised of building blocks of both masterfully sculpted Future Industrial and brooding sci-fi atmospheres once mostly associated with the micro-genre dubbed Agreppo whereas the subsequent "Erkenntnis *Nano Infect Remix" explores captivating Industrial Rave Techno realms garnished with catchy Bigroom Trance elements and bits of Future Pop / Neon Goth for laser-lit peaktime sessions. Subsequently the so-called "Erkenntnis *The Phantom String Remix" brings forth a deeper and more complex variation of braincell morphing Future Techno accompanied by a plethora of intricate sci-fi layers and emotional ProtoTrance-informed strings arrangements before Xotox harks back a mere 15 years with the final cut that is "Ewig *Rework", a repolished version of the initial 2008-released track which is providing a well muscular and pumping, yet somewhat stripped down, hypnotic and surely Industrial-leaning take on what could be described as minimalist Techno - not: Minmal Techno - for one reason or another. Play this one in a proper Techno context and the roof will catch fire.


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