Sunday, January 22, 2023

Yannis Kyriakides - Amiandos [Unsounds 075]

Released via the two decades standing imprint that is Unsounds on January 15th, 2k23 is "Amiandos", the latest full length album effort by one of its founders - Yannis Kyriakides. Rolled out over the course of seven, partly well extended, pieces and a total runtime of almost 65 minutes the Amsterdam-based Greek composer sonically deals with the mining-related, political and colonial history of the island of Cyprus in a variety of ways, including the strangely comforting sound of reprocessed, synthesized Spoken Word fragments atop of vanishing electronic atmospheres in the opening "Side Of The Mountains" whereas crackly, vintage piano fragments and warped low frequency eruptions characterize the the subsequent "Thin Dust" and, in large contrast to those tender tones, "Cottonestone" brings forth an array of rhythmic, abrasive Digital Noize and cold, robotic somewhat Industrial-leaning Electronica layers. The 15 minutes spanning "A Ghost Of Spring" caters a tense arrangement of distant Field Recordings, looped flute microfragments and electronically generated Deep Listening Music further evolving into nervous, well unsettling and fast paced rhythm signatures accompanied by strange chirping bleeps of probably modular origin before the following "Empire Of An Empire" presents dramatic vintage news snippets as an introduction to complex, intricate layers of digital noises and tender atmospheric pads whereas "Enaerios" brings forth a most calming, almost angelic Ambient vision paired with eerie tape manipulation of choirs and what seem to be snippets of classical Greek music whilst the "A Secret Lake / One Million Voices" rounds things off with layers upon layers of otherworldly drones and a certain Dark Ambient x Cold Ambient attitude slightly reminiscent of works of the mysterious Dr. NoiseM for those in the know. Defo a well interesting journey for fans and followers of experimental electronic music, this album is.

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