Saturday, January 21, 2023

Sascha Müller vs. LaiLaPool - Gut Für Mich [La Bomba Recordings 010]

Put out on the digital circuit via La Bomba Records as their 010 on November 8th, 2k22 is "Gut Für Mich", the first ever collaborational single by long-standing producer Sascha Müller and LaiLaPool. Opening with "Gut Für Mich *Vocal Mix" the pair of artists caters a pumping, quite hard-hitting House groove paired with German lo-fi lyrics and a maximum amount of layered pads and harmonies somewhat reminiscent of late Ladomat 2000-releases as well as acts like Turner or Aroma whilst the so-called subsequent "Gut Für Mich *Main Mix", a purely instrumental cut, focuses on enchanting, ever cascading Balearic guitars and a proper melodic House vibe for extended dancefloor pleasure and therefore turns out to be our favorite version on offer here.


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