Wednesday, February 01, 2023

baze.djunkiii Charts 02/2k23

01. Carl Erdmann - Bizarrophytes [Morning Trip 012]
What a beautiful gem this album is. Not necessarily as bizarre as its title implies the ten pieces featured on this re-released, formerly obscure and sought after private press album from back in 1980 were conceived, played and recorded by self-tought sitar player Carl Erdmann throughout the late 70s in the back of his pick up truck whilst working as a geologist in an oil field in Roswell, New Mexico. Fusing a totally free floating attitude to making music mainly for himself Carl Erdmann is meandering between tender, intimate and dreamy instrumental HippieFolk and influences of Raga whilst also indulging - presumably unbeknowingly - in drifting Krautrock-resemblances in cuts like filtered, flanging "Holobizarre" and others to a timeless and most beautiful effect that holds up beautifully even more than 40 years after its initial recording and release. Call it Acid Folk, call it outsider music. This one is a must.

02. Loxy & Ink - Irrelevant [Metalheadz 086]
Certified Drum'n'Bass rollers. The famed production team Loxy & Ink finally makes a return to the Metalheadz camp with "Irrelevant" on the A-side of this 12" whilst teaming up with producer Resound for "Token" on the flip. Whilst both tunes are highly focused on classic, rolling functionality we see "Irrelevant" deliver a well interesting, somewhat unusual and highly dynamic drum foundation upon which deep tension unfolds, once again emphasizing on the decades old vision of the long dark tunnel once used to describe the main vibe and feeling of Darkside Drum'n'Bass whereas "Resound" on the flip follows a similar path despite being more in a slightly nervous stepper mode beatwise.

03. Kerri Chandler - Spaces And Places: Album Sampler Part 1 [Kaoz Theory]
Kerri Chandler is one of the true dons of original Housemusic and the two tracks featured on the first teaser 12" for his most recent album "Spaces And Places" prove this evalution one again. Both "Never Thought" as well as "You Get Lost In It" are featured as epic vocal mixes as well as slightly stripped down instrumentals, ticking all the boxes for timeless future classics to be with their captivating, yet simple and functional deepness, on point melodies and uplifting stab motifs.

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