Saturday, February 04, 2023

Simon Scott - Long Drove [Room40 Promo]

Released on January 20th, 2k23 via Australia's ever buzzing Room40 label is "Long Drove", the very first album crafted for the imprint by British composer Simon Scott who, over the course of roughly 49 minutes total playtime, presents an array of five new pieces inspired by an extended nature reserve project located nearby the artists residency. Characterized as a site-specific sound study according to the accompanying press sheet Simon Scott merges electronic treatments, soft pads and crackly, decaying tape loop techniques with, oftentimes deeply buried, on site Field Recordings of both nature sounds as well as his own manipulations on steel structures and brigdes located within the named area to create an overall warm and comforting Ambient feel with the "Holme Fen Posts I-III" triple of tracks slightly gravitating towards droning, sub-frequent Dark Ambient, even incorporating subaquatic-sounding percussion bits in "Holme Fen Posts III", and therefore marking our personal highlight of this longplayer before "The Whistling Wires" even introduces futuristic static noise and a well unsettling feel to otherwise soft Ambient structures. Go check.


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