Tuesday, February 07, 2023

This Immortal Coil - The World Ended A Long Time Ago [Ici D'Ailleurs 152 Promo]

Released on December 9th, 2k22 via the ever active French label Ici D'Ailleurs is "The World Ended A Long Time Ago", the second - and well extended... - full length album effort created by This Immortal Coil, the Stephane Gregoire-led multi artist project once initiated after the passing of Coil's Jhonn Balance. Still dedicated and focused on the concept of covering Coil songs in a Classical fashion the latest release features a total of ten cuts, plus more on the extended 5LP box set edition, providing a spine-tingling, well nocturnal combination of Dark Ambient and Contemporary Classical / Modern Classical music sprinkled with a solemn Spoken Word-approach towards the original lyrics with tunes like "Titan Arch" providing a dramatic, almost theatrical or Opera-like approach for big stages and large scale emotional response whereas cuts like "Cold Cell" and even more so "A White Rainbow" are touching base with ethereal, ballad'esque and inward looking Leftfield Pop, "Christmas Is Now Drawing Near" is harking back to big dramatic arks once again and the insanely infectious "Fire Of The Mind" brings back memories of ancient, immortal and somewhat maritime Folk song of yore just to name a few. Deep.


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