Monday, March 20, 2023

Geins't Nait + Scanner + L. Petitgand - Ola [Ici D'Ailleurs / Mind Travels Series Promo]

Released via the French label Ici D'Ailleurs, and more explicitly their Mind Travels Series, on March 3rd, 2k23 is "Ola", the nine tracks and roughly 57 minutes spanning result and outcome of a massive collaboration effort between Geins't Nait, Laurent Petitgand and Robin Rimbaud a.k.a. Scanner which is, according to the accompanying press release, dedicated to and focusing on 'Ambient, Neo-Classical and Industrial' music. This being said Rimbaud's presence in the project is obviously felt from the very start and hinted at especially in the carefully reprocessed vocals and tense, washed out and surreal atmospheres of the opener "MT-26" which have been a trademark in his work from 90s onwards, accompanied by deep, carefully constructed Electronica rhythms whereas tunes like "Gilles.2 *Remix" pair the thoughts of philosopher Gilles Deleuze with a dark and intimidating, yet minimalist sci-fi atmosphere and a certain sense of dystopia which carries on in the cavernous horrors lurking and grinding underneath the floating and innocent piano lines of "370". Furthermore the subsequent "Bed" and its captivating bassline movements might provide late-night weaponry for highly adventurous Dubstep or Illbient DJ's, the title track "Ola" drifts and loops into beautifully misty and time-dissolving Ambient nothingness before dubbed out Dope Beats are taking over whilst "Mouche" brings forward a highly fascinating take on overwhelming, yet hypercomforting and most hypnotic darkness and "95-MW" rounds things off with floating harmonies, multi-layered background voices as well as a continuous ebb-and-flow of hybrid Electronica x Rhythm Industrial beats just to name a few favorites here. Excellent stuff. Highly recommended.


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