Sunday, March 05, 2023

Phauss - Nya Sverige: Nothing But The Truth [Room 40 Promo]

Reissued via the Australian label Room40 on December 16th, 2k22 is "Nya Sverige: Nothing But The Truth", the originally 1991-released and 54 minutes spanning one track album by the duo Phauss, then comprised of Erik Pauser and long standing electronic music activist x composer x artist Carl Michael Von Hauswolff. Initially put out on the circuit via the long time defunct Swedish imprint Anckarström the longform composition was conceived and fleshed out throughout an extended underground tour in the United States in the same year, oftentimes in sketchy locations and under the flag of being announced as an act performing 'Extreme Swedish Industrial'. Probably an announcement far fetched in hindsight the recording of "Nya Sverige: Nothing But The Truth" reflects the bleakness and endlessness of touring the outskirts and edges of American cities for weeks on end, resulting in an ever increasing, ever densening layer of sound evolving as slow and minimalistic as pieces by like-minded experimental artists like Francisco Lopez as one of the conceptual masters of glacial Drone music whilst adding what seem to be Field Recordings of icy desert winds to the mix, weighing in bits of Aube's metallic edgyness as well as occasional percussive one hit eruptions and well unsettling tectonic low end rumbles, all falling together in the form of greyscale'ish Isolationist Ambient x Desolation Ambient before continuously building up to create a well overwhelming wall of tense Ambient Noize which, for those familiar with the field, occasionally might even hint at Olaf Rupp's eardrum crushing live performance pieces of the late 90s or - to reference more contemporary Pop culture - might provide an eerie, fear-inducing daily background score for life within the upside down, where unseen, horrific, gargantuan creatures of Lovecraftian dimensions lurk... and unspoken things even beyond that. Thrilling and still worthwhile even though more than three decades have passed since this albums initial inception. Go check.


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