Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Martina Bertoni - Music For Empty Flats [Karlrecords 083 Promo]

Released via Karlrecords on January 29th, 2k21 is "Music For Empty Flats", the second full length album outing by Berlin-based cello player and composer Martina Bertoni and her first one created for the label. After extensive work for film and collaborations with the likes of Blixa Bargeld her new seven track longplay effort draws inspiration from a trip to winterly Iceland where she spent quite a bit of time listening to music - alone, in the dark. Coming from this angle and with the intent to further focus on and explore the sonic possibilities of her chosen instrument Bertoni opens with the glistening, yet glacial and slow moving Ambient drone of "Bits" which is an excellent example of how deep low end pulses and washed out, icy atmospheres can compliment eachother in 2k21 whilst "Bright Wood" in all its hovering, ethereal melancholia surely harks back to the artists experience in movie scoring whereas "In Circles Of Thoughts / Blue Ed." redefines Space Ambient and timelessness for another eternity. Furthermore, the title track "Music For Empty Flats" brings forth carefully layered strings and panoramic vibes for balearic sunsets in perfect isolation, "Fearless" fully indulges in dubbed out (Neo)Classical dwellings before "Moving Nature" touches base with doomed, brooding Dark Ambient minimalisms before a single, slow moving cello melody turns the vibe into something hopeful, like a single ray of sunlight breaking through a heavy layer of clouds and "Distant Tropics" adds a stuttering, stripped down and abstract background rhythm sequence hidden deep beneath tender Ambient blurs as a final cut. Deep.


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