Monday, April 24, 2023

Hausverbot Bei Ulla Popken - s/t [Raketenbasis Haberlandstrasse 117]

We've heard of many a thing that inspired an artist to start a new project but being frustrated about not being able to find x buy proper clothes is a new one, even for us. But seemingly this is what caused Andreas Davids of Xotox-fame to launch Hausverbot Bei Ulla Popken, a new musical offshoot which comes at us with a limited single tape and two tracks - "Grosse Grössen" and "Ulla Popken Let Me Down - Twice" - which are rolled out over the A and B side respectively adding up to a total playtime of roughly 11 minutes. Opening with heavy electric buzzing, dark Rhythm Industrial and psychotic, dubbed out vocals the A-side evokes faint memories of Fred Bigot's early works, albeit on a maximum PCP overdose, whereas the flipside dabbles in a mixture of grainy, Noize-infused Dark Ambient, collage techniques and Musique Concrete to provide a different, defo not dancefloor-friendly sonic angle for a change.

Album artwork on Instagram!


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