Sunday, April 16, 2023

Thomas Köner - Daikan [Mille Plateaux 049]

Re-issued via the once again resurrected Mille Plateaux imprint earlier in 2k23 is Thomas Köner's "Daikan", originally put out by the label in 2002 and now complemented by the previously unreleased soundtrack to "Banlieue Du Vide" - an audio-visual work dealing with time-lapse observations of abandoned streets in the Finnish arctic circle. This being said and, like many of Thomas Köner's works, being highly influenced by the artists fascination with permanently frozen environments the musical contents of this album once again operate within glacial, hyperminimalist parameters, with tectonic low end rumbles oftentimes bordering the limits of the audible spectrum and icy winds wafting over endless white plains, accompanied by sustained drones and almost overwhelmingly frosty atmospheres as a true sonic depiction of one of the most fragile, yet most hostile to life environments to be found on our planet - with only a few rising and falling pulses of more organic bass frequencies in "Daikan B" providing a bit of warmth, and probably hope, in a state of time-dissolving desolation. Recommended to all fans and dedicated followers of all things DarkAmbient and Deep Listening Music.

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