Tuesday, April 18, 2023

Lucaslavia - Furnace [Macro 070]

Scheduled for release on April 21st, 2k23 is Lucaslavia's "Furnace", a new project alias conceived by the ever active experimentalist Stefan Goldmann which, in the accompanying press sheet, is described as resembling '...a field recording from the sixth circle of hell...'. This gets us intrigued, naturally, especially as the term Death Ambient comes up in there as well. Over the course of eleven pieces and a total play time of roughly 39 minutes Stefan Goldmann offers a menu of highly exaggerated artificial eerieness including white noise pulses, somewhat theatrical demonic voices and brittle, atmospheric high pitch frequencies slowly fading away into nothingness, static Ambient minimalisms, pseudo DarkAmbient sequences, tectonic low end rumbles and wafting audio fumes of unclear, yet surely toxic origin as well as threatening near silence suddenly interrupted by heavy Noize bursts and other forms of highly washed out sonic ultraviolence which might be considered shocking and edgy by the intellectual x art crowd Stefan Goldmann's work is oftentimes aimed at, yet doesn't hit anything near close to home for the experienced fan of harsh, heavy and brutal electronic music at all, neither does it for those gravitating to the realm of Dark Ambient x Death Ambient as well. Pretentious, sterile and mediocre at best, unfortunately.

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