Wednesday, April 26, 2023

Matt Elliott - The End Of Days [Ici D'Ailleurs 158 Promo]

Released via the Nancy-based label Ici D'Ailleurs as their 158 on March 31st, 2k23 is "The End Of Days", the latest longplay outing conceived by Bristol resident Matt Elliott who's been out on the album circuit for two decades by now. Presenting a total of six brand new pieces rolled out over the course of 46 minutes and still somewhat under the influence of the post-pandemic situation that is Elliott embarks on a quiet and inward looking journey with this one, combining a stripped down approach to a Jazz-infused, somewhat mediterranean and surely melancholia inducing amalgamation of Folk and traditional singer-/songwriter vibes, even bordering at dark'ish Current 93'esque Apocalyptic Folk with the "Song Of Consolation" whilst surprisingly sliding into well kitsch'y romanticisms and Italian (...or rather Greek?) cliches with the subsequent "Healing A Wound Will Often Begin With A Bruise", an approach which finds its continuation, albeit accompanied by the artists exceptionally soft low register vocals, in the follow up named "Flowers For Bea" just to name a few. Not necessarily our favorite cup of tea nor the best Ici D'Ailleurs album we've come across but an appropriate album to listen to throughout a warm and intimate summer night for couples in love - or those to be.


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