Tuesday, April 25, 2023

Romain Perrot & Quentin Rollet - Le Vieux Fusible / The Singles [Reqords 010]

Released via the Reqords label on March 15th, 2k23 is "Le Vieux Fusible / The Singles", the sophomore album collaboration cooked up and conceived by the ever active composer, sax player and improviser Quentin Rollet alongside probably lesser known but not less busy (anti)musical multi-activist Romain Perrot. Coming at us with a roughly 106 minutes spanning 2CD containing the eight track album "Le Vieux Fusible" as a main piece as well as a compilation bonus bundling six tracks from previous short run, limited edition underground releases plus a live recorded 20+ minutes performance featuring additional contributions by Richard Frances on synth Perrot and Rollet provide a spine-tingling approach towards total musical freedom, going from gnarly, yet surprisingly harmonic analogue Noize to retrofuturist bleeps and washed out, intrinsincly psychedelia-infused melodies to sequences of Jazz romanticisms paired with electronic interventions, bring out crackly Cold War Ambient in "Revendeur A La Soviet" before going all out Dark Synth in the spatial atmospheric Electronica minimalisms of "Le Souper Des Litieres" whilst bits like "Lightning Pylone Dislocation" hark back to ultra lo-fi Rhythm Industrial, "Brain" reveals unspoken of psychotic horrors and might not be played to infants, children and the emotionally unstable whereas "Anrchie" amalgamates subdued, yearning sax tones, freeform metallic rhythms and an ever thickening maelstrom of crackly atmospheric Noize just to name a few. This is intense.

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