Sunday, May 07, 2023

Various Artists - Level Radar Impact Volume 1 [Level Radar Records Promo]

Released on April 8th, 2k23 via the Italian imprint Level Radar Records is "Level Radar Records Impact Volume 1", the labels first full on digital werkschau which caters a total of fourteen tracks cooked up by artists associated with the label roster including the likes of Cement Tea, Raver Blaster, Knarz Maschine, Mirage Of Pain, Hallucihate, Low Entropy and many more which cater a musical journey which includes grinding Slow Motion Hardcore, hard-hitting Dark Techno infused by Berlin School Ambient and early morning Trance, dedicated Mainstyle Gabber, spiralling, soul eating and teknival-informed Uptempo goodness, uplifting Dark Rave with a stomping oldskool twist and even epic Freetekno x Anarchcore experimentalism as a worthwhile proof that the underground Hardcore scene is still alive and thriving. Boom.


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