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baze.djunkiii Charts 05/2k23

01. Various Artists - Cherry Moon 30 Years [541]
On an ongoing quest to backwards complete the collection and filling the gaps in terms of tunes and anthems most important to me in my formative years as a raver there's absolutely no way I could've missed out on this massive 5x12" compilation box paying homage to the legendary Belgian venue Cherry Moon which still is associated with some of the biggest tunes in Rave, Trance and HardTrance of the 90s. With Cherry Moon Trax' "House Of House", CJ Bolland's "Camargue", DJ Dave Davies Trance x Hardtrance bang0r "Transfiguration", the Breakbeat-infused Techno x Rave goodness of Musix' "No Dope *Ruch Edit" as well as the eternal anthem that is Paragliders' "Oasis" and many more this one is a well essential collection that needs to find a home in every former ravers home for a reason.

02. Stefan Bodzin - Tron Caligula Marathon Man *The Remixes [Systematic Recordings]
Quite an interesting release coming from the Systematic Recordings imprint which seems to be steering away from their usual TechHouse approach these days, gravitating towards an Electro-infused variation of (Neo)Trance. This is especially obvious in the well gnarly "Tron *Raxon Remix" which could easily find its way into both Electro as well as ElectroBreaks x NuSkoolbreaks sets as well as in Fedele's Bigroom Trance-oriented rework of "Caligula" which features a short Technolectro breakdown sequence which, alongside the "Tron *Elax Remix", are the two main tunes to consider on this 2x12" vinyl set.

03. Microwave Prince - Golden Times [Esprit De La Jeunesse]
Basically everyone who's been raving to Trance and AcidTrance in the 90s has been dancing their ass off to tunes produced by Stefan Müller a.k.a. Microwave Prince at some point, yours truly included. Therefore catching wind of this 3x12" compilation it became immediately clear that it'd end up as an important addition to the collection especially because of "Trancemitter Online", one of my favorite (Hard)Trance cuts of that era which in itself made it worth shelling out the money for this one. But also besides this specific there's quite a few floating and dreamy AcidTrance cuts for late night sessions to be found on here, with the large scale panorama sequences of "Microwavin'", the dark and spiralling title track "Golden Times", the minimal hypnotism of "Eternal Light" and the technoid steamroller that is "The Piperoom" standing out in particular. Yet, on the downside the super massive "I Need Your Love" is missing for some reason unknown which is quite a pity as it could be considered to have been one of the most defining 90s HardTrance / Rave tunes of all time.

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