Sunday, April 30, 2023

Kjell Bjørgeengen & Chris Cogburn - Fear Of The Object [Sofa Music 587 / True Blanking 001]

Scheduled for release via Sofa Music in collaboration with the freshly launched imprint True Blanking on May 5th, 2k23 is "Fear Of The Object", the probably most extended and elaborate release the label has put out on the circuit so far, with the more than 260 minutes spanning 4CD set housed in a special 20 x 16 x 2.5cm box, each one tucked away in a special format slip sleeve, with additional artist notes, fold out art print etc. which, in itself, makes this one a precious collectible object in itself. Sonically, and with each of the CDs - "Madrid" / "Coyoacan" / "Oslo" / "Mexico City" - recorded in a different location, the album covers an ongoing three year collaboration of Bjørgeengen and Cogburn, focusing on an elaborate concept which includes the use of audio signals as raw video voltages amongst other intricate technicalities. The result of this research, further augmented by contributions by the likes of Ingar Zach, Aimee Theriot-Ramos, Juan Garcia and Judith Hamann, is an extended examination of physical space and conditions, evolved and shaped through the experience of many musical failures in the context of live performances and other sonic experimentations, finally finding its form and shape in the creation of buzzing electrical drones of varying intensity, evolving constantly in terms of dynamic changes, oscillating pulses as well as bringing forth mind numbing, dystopian and time-defying sequences of near static, glacial low frequency transmissions, indulging in cold, exo-galactic sci-fi atmospheres, drawing inspiration from Minimal Music and emitting rasping, metallic screams for extended periods of time. Furthermore the experienced fan and follower of experimental electronic music production might draw parallels to the Clicks'n'Cuts genre at times, find surprisingly calm, tender and to a certain degree even romantic moments in pieces like "Coyoacan - Track 2" as well brooding, dystopian vibes accompanied by quasi-atmospheric interference and crackling, phase-shifting Deep Listening Music of tectonic qualities, well ominous scrapings of indifferent origin, probably coming from atonal double bass bowing and more buzzing sci-fi drones in parts evoking memories of artists like Muslimgauze or Aube for those in the know. Highly recommended. Get.

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