Wednesday, May 03, 2023

Christopher Butterfield - Souvenir [Redshift Records]

Put out on the circuit via Vancouver's Redshift Records on March 31st, 2k23 is Christopher Butterfield's "Souvenir", the latest album by Canadian composer - and the second dedicated selection x compilation of its type ever. With the four compositions - "Souvenir", "Parc", "Frame" and "Port Bou" in this subsequent order - all being performed by the acclaimed Aventa Ensemble conducted by Bill Linwood this specific werkschau coves pieces from the period 1995 - 2013, showcasing a wide range of Butterfield's musical spectrum from rather traditional Classical / Modern Classical string elegies simultaneously contrasted by rather unsettling, brooding and nervous minimal moves and stark singular french horn bursts to cheeky noir'esque sequences, primordial drum repetitions in combination with airy, ever chiming main motifs, in part cartoon score suitable micro sequences, vibrant and playful polyrhythms as well as more curious detail for the avid follower of Contemporary Classical and Avantgarde composition. If that sounds like you, go check this one out.

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