Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Xotox - Die Strömung Der Welt [Infacted Recordings Promo]

Released via Infacted Recordings on May 5th, 2k23 as the next digital precursor to the new upcoming Xotox album is "Die Strömung Der Welt" - another new musical outing celebrating the 25th anniversary of the long-standing project this year. Opening with "Die Strömung Der Welt *Single Version" Xotox caters a complex and distorted, yet surprisingly groove-orientated take on grinding Industrial Techno garnished with occasional trademark movie samples, intricate modular arrangements and Noize eruptions, subsequently followed by "Erkenntnis *Ziguo Chen Remix" which could be best described as an ultimate Agreppo x EuroRave hybrid for laser-lit peaktime floors. Furthermore the "[PSI] *Areal Kollen Mix" brings forth uptempo Industrial Rave heat and a barrage fire of thundering mid-low bass eruptions probably generated from mutated hoover signals turned into alien ammunition for primetime DJ sets whilst "Die Strömung Der Welt *Extended Album Version" finally caters a galopping fusion of Industrial brutalism and heavy quasi Drum'n'Bass double time influences before transforming into clean, yet claustrophobic Industrial Techno soundtrack for the looming apocalypse. This is combat music.


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