Saturday, May 27, 2023

Fendika & K-Sanchis - Gojo [121234.Records]

Released recently via the well cryptically named imprint 121234.Records is "Gojo", the first ever collaboration album cooked up by sax player Jeroen Visser and Ethiopian dancer and cultural ambassador Melaku Belay alongside a nine piece strong set of contributing musicians, all working together under the name of Fendika & K-Sanchis. Together, the ensemble presents a set of nine brand new tracks rolled out over the course of roughly 54 minutes, fusing the innate melancholia of traditional EthoJazz with uplifting African chants, meandering Afrobeat elements, infectious grooves and a highly joyful lust for life which provides proper dancefloor heat from the get-go with cuts like "Paean" adding bits of Funk-infused oriental mystique to the mix whereas "Adage" pays homage to more of a swingin' Jazz vibe right before "Era" drifts off into deep and dreamy DesertJazz realms and "Longing" even lays down a dramatic, almost Bollywood-worthy groove monster just to name a few even more outstanding tunes embedded in this highly recommended sonic ocean of greatness. Get!

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