Wednesday, May 24, 2023

Beatings Are In The Body - Beatings Are In The Body [For The Living And The Dead]

Scheduled for release via a label going by the excellent name of For The Living And The Dead on May 26th, 2k23 is "Beatings Are In The Body", the self-titled album debut of the experimentalist Canadian group that is Beatings Are In The Body. Over the course of 12 pieces and a total playtime of roughly 47 minutes the group, comprised of Erica Angell, Roisin Admas and Peggy Lee, rolls out a series of beautiful and tentative songs from the get go, starting with somewhat folksy and rural Chamber Ensemble Pop cut that is "Blurry", followed by the quite uplifting, bleepy and tongue-in-cheek Novelty instrumental "Triploop" whereas "Cottage Rounds" focuses on the unscathed naturalist beauty of a combination of piano and violin which takes a surprising turn after a swell of noises drowns out the initial melodic approach of this cut. Furthermore we see cuts like "Rainbow" combine tender, yet cascading pianos with a creaky, avantgarde-leaning take on Contemporary Classical music and highly expressionistic lyricism, "Unfetter" uncovers a jazzier facet of Beating Are In The Body's sonic spectrum before the subsequent "5.5. Prayer / Tree" goes full on enchanted minimalism and could well accompany some kind of theatrical stage play, "Her Hands" pays tribute to great, jazzed out Broadway anthems of yore in a certain way whilst "Dog Moon" enters a state of large scale panoramic melancholia garnished with tender Spoken Word lyrics just to name a few. A most beautiful release, this one, and one one should defo enjoy with a significant other close by.


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