Tuesday, May 23, 2023

Avenue Azure - Avenue Azure [Ensemble Klang Records 013]

Put out on the circuit on March 31st, 2k23 via Ensemble Klang Records is "Avenue Azure", the self-titled album by the duo of the same name comprised of Pete Harden and Saskia Langhoorn who are fusing electric guitar, piano, voice and electronics over the course of six brand new compositions and a total of approx. 43 minutes playtime. Opening with the beautiful, slightly washed out Indietronica cut "Avenue Pasteur" built from sparse, yet overwhelming bass movements and hovering, ghostly Piano repetitions as well as twangy echoes of echoes of inward-looking Post-Folk allures the duo sets the pace for things to come like the organic Ambient meanderings of "Early Black" which drift and shift like the bed of large river stream over the course of millenia, the calming, minimalist bass drones at the foundation of "Cyane's Message" and the lost and dreamy (neo)classical piano etudes of the "River Chorale" whereas "Saguaro Blossom" pairs twangy, slide guitar resembling swells, minimalist piano tones and distant thunders to create a bit of a spine-tingling atmosphere whilst the concluding cut that is "Dark Tenderness" dives deep into an amalgamation of atmospheric crackles, cascading pianos and ethereal non-vocalisms for a closing. Stunningly tender and beautiful. Recommended.

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