Tuesday, June 27, 2023

Martin Küchen & Sophie Agnel - Detour Tunnels Of Light [Thanatosis Produktion 024]

Released via the ever expanding label Thanatosis Produktion on May 19th, 2k23 is "Detour Tunnels Of Light", the first ever full length album recording conceived by the duo of Martin Küchen and Sophie Agnel. Presenting a total of four pieces rolled out over the course of 35 minutes and with all of them recorded in situ in a Swedish church in early 2022 the two musicians amalgamate the sound of soprano sax, a somewhat broken grand piano and percussive elements to create haunting, creaky and eerie improvisations of a rather sparse and minimalist nature, all backed by what seems to be a spatial, highly atmospheric low frequency drone probably evoked and summoned by the sacred building in and of itself whilst tender, longing and almost romantic elements emerge occasionally, partially contrasted by fragments of FreeJazz x Avantgarde Jazz influences alongside microtonal air flows, static crackles and echoes of what once was called DarkJazz for the high culture-informed fan and follower of improvised outsider music aiming at small, yet dedicated audiences.

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