Sunday, June 25, 2023

Sweeney - Corporeal [Sound In Silence 101]

Released via the Greek Ambient x Deep Listening Music staple that is Sound In Silence as their 101 on May 1st, 2k23 is "Corporeal", the latest addition by Jason Sweeney a.k.a. Sweeney to the labels ever growing catalogue. This time the Australia-based producer presents a staggering 18 songs rolled out over the course of 58 minutes in total, dealing with - at least according to the accompanying press info - '...personal ghosts...' sonically and throughout the production process in terms of incorporating, using and abusing paranormal audio investigation tools and equipment in the creation of this longplayer. The sonic result of this venture is a menu of haunting, yet brittle and ethereal LeftfieldPop x DreamPop songs with Sweeney's tender voice hovering atop a foundation of outerworldly pads and atmospheres, occasionally accompanied by sparse, thundering and Industrial-informed beats, with tunes like "Lost Youth" and "The Studio" amongst a few others even being stripped down to a strangely off-kilter, reprocessed Spoken Word affair whereas "The Basement" goes full full on primordial Industrial tribalism, "All Alone On The Stage Tonight" feels like the melancholic, yet dramatic closing act of a big stage theatre play and "The Dead Dig Deeper" touches on fever'ish, nocturnal and somewhat nightmare-inducing drum ritualism just to name a few. Defo one for a rainy autumn afternoon session, best consumed alone and in dim twilight. Go check.

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