Tuesday, June 13, 2023

Kaspar Agnas - 1305 [Haphazard Music]

Put out on the circuit via the Swedish label Haphazard Music on June 2nd, 2k23 is Kaspar Agnas' "1305", the latest musical outing by the 1992-born artist and a very first glimpse into his work as a composer. With only two pieces featured and a total playtime of roughly 22 minutes "1305" can be seen as an EP release or a showcase of sorts with the first cut "Imber" seeing Agnas embracing his role as a lead instrumentalist for an ensemble of 14 musicians, guiding their way with a meandering stream of variations of a sharply plucked and piercing guitar motif, accompanied by static handclaps and a hyperdense, ever changing and highly complex, if not to say: in parts close to chaotic, layer of improvisations laid down and stacked by the ensemble whilst the subsequent "Little Towels Of Air, Warm And Wrapping Against The Heart" showcases a completely opposite approach as a tender, airy, yet deep and consoling composition for solo piano which might turn out to be many ppls favorite on this one due to its rather accessible and comforting feel.


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