Wednesday, June 14, 2023

Various Artists - These Clouds... [Sound In Silence 100]

What a journey. What an achievement. And what a celebration. After 17 years things have come full circle for the Athens-based boutique Ambient label Sound In Silence, reaching the three magic digit realm with "These Clouds..." on May 1st, 2k23, the imprints 100th release and its second ever compilation release after entering the musical circuit with a compilation back in 2006, marking the start of the journey with 001. In between lie 98 albums and mini albums, many of which have been reviewed on this website, produced by a wide range of artists of which many have contributed to this epic collection of 18 tracks spanning roughly 78 minutes in total playtime alongside a few new additions to the roster - including the labels head honcho George Mastrokostas as Absent Without Leave, Panoptique Electrical, Yellow6, Hotel Neon, worriedaboutsatan, Sven Laux and Berlin based experimental nuclear test equipment Youtube superstar and tape loop maniac Hainbach alongside many many others, all invlvd in the wonderful musical patchwork "These Clouds..." provides, covering a sonic range from meditative and ruminant Ambient beauty to scenic echoes of Modern Classical composition, tender and inward looking PostPostRock, yearning and romantic sonic depictions of the universes sheer vastness, brittle Piano Ambient etudes, fascinating glacial and glistening layerings garnished with bits of a futurist sci-fi attitude as well as fluttering, slowly decaying Ambient soundscapes and even swirling, well unsettling maelstroms of sound accompanied by intense atmospheric crackles and ever increasing intensity which are, usually, not necessarily to be found within the labels sonic range. Defo a suitable release for such a milestone anniversary. Congratulations!


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