Monday, July 10, 2023

Alessandro Sgobbio - Piano Music 2 [Amp Music & Records]

Scheduled for release via Amp Music & Records on September 22nd, 2k23 - pretty much exactly a year after his solo debut "Piano Music" - is Alessandro Sgobbio's follow up "Piano Music 2", a nine compositions and roughly 35 minutes spanning body of work for solo piano alongside sparse live electronic interventions, with each single piece dedicated to a topic, place or person the Paris-based Italian feels personally connected to. With all the pieces on this album once again performed on a Pianoforte Fazioli F278 Sgobbio effortlessly picks up where he left us with his firstling, diving deep into the tender, diminished, yet dramatic melancholia of the opening piece "Keys And Returns" whereas "Modular Circles" indulges in minimalist, quasi-singular tones of crystalline quality accompanied by swirling modular backings before culminating in a dramatic, thundering climax, the short interlude "Fondamente De La Tana" brings forth a tender, deep, all embracing, somewhat joyful take on romanticism whilst "Ilot Chalon" presents cascading Modern Classical motifs of an overwhelmingly touching quality and the concluding "Einhausung" takes us back to rainy vintage Sunday autumn afternoons just to name a few. One beautiful album for the dedicated lover of Modern and Contemporary Classical music, this.

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