Monday, June 27, 2022

Alessandro Sgobbio - Piano Music [Amp Music & Records]

Scheduled for release via Amp Music & Records on September 16th, 2k22 is "Piano Music", the first full on solo album by the ever active Italian piano player Alessandro Sgobbio. Recorded over the course of two sessions in July 2k20 and October 2k21 respectively the longplay format caters an array of nine piano pieces rolled out over a playtime of roughly 40 minutes, all solely and exclusively performed on a Pianoforte Fazoli F278 instrument. This alone, the choice of one single specific piano to perform an entire album on provides a cohesive and coherent sonic space for Sgobbio's performance ranging from the dreamy, romantic etitudes to be found in "Fireflies" to the tender tones of "Zolla", the touching, agitated and highly emotional melodic waves coming at us in "Acqua Grande" or the beautiful, heartfelt melancholia of the concluding piece that is "Third Ward (Coda)" and beyond. An album to be listened to near an open fire, this. And one that's about to reach a wider audience than the limited realm of die-hard (Neo)Classical or Jazz piano aficionados only.

Album artwork on Instagram!


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