Friday, April 05, 2019

Prochno - Prochno [Gusstaff Records Promo]

Released on the Polish Gusstaff Records label on March 22nd, 2k19 is the self-titled new album by Prochno, a gradually formed musical outfit whose name can be translated to 'rotten wood' according to the promo sheet. Opening with "Na Stacjach I Torach" we see the band taking on a well repetitive, highly distorted and wall-of-sound oriented approach with a tribalistic, untamed take on NoiseRock for a start whereas "1908" comes in with a heavy two-minutes exploration of pure feedback Noise and "Kamienie" provides a well funky, yet stretched out and instrumental variation of Psychedelia meets PostPunk. With "Z Kosa Przez Las" Prochno are going down an alley of brooding darkness and intense horror over nearly eight minutes, "Chmury" brings forth the most yearning Ambient panoramas we've heard in a while and the final cut "Chodz, No Chodz" paints the world in well desolate shades of grey for a more PostRock / Drone Metal oriented audience. Good stuff, this!


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