Sunday, July 16, 2023

Ky - Power Is The Pharmacy [Constellation Records 172]

Released va Montreal's long-standing Constellation Records imprint on May 12th, 2k23 is "Power Is The Pharmacy", the first full length solo album by Ky Brooks a.k.a. Ky, an ever active staple within the Canadian Art Punk x Outsider Music scene with roots in and connections to a plethora of experimental bands and projects. With "Power Is The Pharmacy" Ky offers a menu of nine pieces rolled out over the course of roughly 45 minutes, all self-written, -composed and -recorded, yet brought to life and finalized with the help of a plethora of guest artists and friends from the mostly Montreal-based underground scene, fusing intense, oftentimes distorted and warped SpokenWord poetry and soft, hypothetically Future R'n'B-informed off-kilter vocals with stripped down, looped electronic textures and echoes of PostRock x Indietronica abstractions which might well resonate with fans of early Kelela in tunes like "All The Sad And Loving People" whereas "The Dancer" indulges in scintillating, highly dramatic and hyperfuturist Bass Music for fans of the infamous Night Slugs label, the mesmerizing "Revolving Door" sonically taps into Ritual x Apocalyptic Folk, the dark and muscular cut "Dragons" summons ancient, primordial powers which usually arise from their vaults attracted by witchcraft and demonic rituals whilst the concluding "The Replacement" takes a surprising turn into longing, classy late night Jazz accompanied by beautiful vocal melancholia and touching, almost overwhelming bass waves for a closing. Excellent. Go check.

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