Thursday, July 20, 2023

Rozwod - Gold [Fonoradar 018]

Released via the Poland-based label Fonoradar as their 018 on March 22nd, 2k22 is "Gold", the sophomore album by the self-proclaimed electro-acoustic trio that is Rozwod. Presenting a total of seven new compositions rolled out over a total playtime of roughly 39 minutes we see Rozwod opening on a washed out, brittle and somewhat decaying tip reminescent of an amalgamation of padded, Hainbach'esque Ambient tape loops and slowed down drums taken off an experimental Jazz Improv session before turning towards a raw, machine-like and ever stomping interpretation of Industrial Noise Rock with "Hantel V2", entering dancefloors with the quirky, yet captivating and muscular lo-fi Techno meets Artschool PostRock power fusion that is "Diesel" whereas "E", probably our favorite cut on this album, fully indulges in dreamlike, yet slightly distorted and psychedelic PostRock waters whilst working its way up to a screaming climax before the final cut "Goodbye" even touches base with mind-numbing Illbient vibes just to name a few. Intredasting.

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