Friday, July 21, 2023

Anders Lauge Meldgaard - The Art Of Playing The Fantasia [Sun Ark Records / Ar & Dag Promo]

Put out on the circuit as a collaborational effort set up by Sun Ark Records and Ar & Dag on June 28th, 2k23 is "The Art Of Playing The Fantasia", the latest mini album showcase cooked up by Copenhagen-based composer Anders Lauge Meldgaard. Catering a total of six, partly extended, pieces over the course of roughly half an hour total playtime Meldgaard mainly focuses on free-format studies on the EWI Electronic Wind Instrument which range from a quirky combination of twangy, lo-fi and quasi Classical melodic sequences contrasted by randomized retrofuturist blips and kitschy (Neo)Cosmic synth pads to curious, spaced out and playful melodic explorations which take the listener straight into a trippy dreamsphere that's occasionally interrupted by heavy swells of static noise and distortion, dense, intertwined layerings of cascading electronic and piano motifs somewhat inspired by Classical music as well as romantic and intimate solo piano elegies to be found in the concluding "Den Richtigen, Stein Finden, Spannung Lösen". Quite a unique album which on one day might appear as an excellent choice for hyperchromatic Novelty Listening but might get on your nerves within seconds on the next because the ADHD randomness of layered sonic and melodic events are way more than your stressed brain can or is willing to handle at a specific point in time. Handle with care.


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