Tuesday, July 11, 2023

Werner Dafeldecker - Neural [Room40 Promo]

Released via the Australian label Room40 on June 7th, 2k23 is "Neural", the latest full length album effort created and conceived by Austrian composer Werner Dafeldecker. Presenting a total of two extended works rolled out over a total playtime of 56 minutes on this longplayer we see the title track "Neural" combining the sounds of two cellos and two double basses to create a warm, comforting, yet melancholic and maritime stream of ever so slightly changing and intensifying DarkAmbient drones for those familiar with classic works of Tarkatak, Kallabris and the likes of. Furthermore, the concluding piece "Tape 231" fuses bass clarinet, electronic and gongs alongside and atop recordings of a longtime forgotten cassette tape unearthed from the composers archive, following a minimalist, brittle and well eerie path into a realm of Ambient x Deep Listening Music with soft, somewhat psychedelic and spaced out pads and layers spreading out over ghostly, irregular and decaying quasi-percussions of unclear and therefore essentially unsettling nature to a spine-tingling effect and therefore might be our favorite cut on this album for a reason. Recommended. Go check.


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