Saturday, August 26, 2023

Christoph Schiller & Carlo Costa - Spinet And Drums [Neither / Nor Records 022]

Coming in directly from Brookyln and being set for release via Neither / Nor Records on September 7th, 2k23 is "Spinet And Drums", the latest collaborational album effort conceived by now NYC-native Carlo Costa and Stuttgart-born piano player Christoph Schiller. Performing on drums and spinet respectively as the album title aptly suggests the duo opens with the 30 minutes spanning set of "Card Piece I - III", presenting a minimalist, floating and certainly Ambient-leaning compositional approach with singular tones fading in and out, seperated by moments of near silence and linked by skeletal, yet tender percussive background motion whereas the final cut, the roughly 20 minutes covering improvisational piece "Sottobosco" adds, despite staying on a stripped down lane, a slightly more nocturnal vibe alongside a few well unsettling low end rumbles over the course of its ever meandering development. Deep Listening Music in its purest, non-electronic form.


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