Friday, August 25, 2023

Columbus Duo - Suprematist [Fonoradar 023]

Released via the Poland-based label Fonoradar on June 28th, 2k22 is "Suprematist", the latest seven track album outing by the long-standing Columbus Duo. Rolled out out over the course of seven tracks in total we see Irek Swoboda and Tomek Swoboda going on a deep dive into uncompromising, somewhat muffled and raw PostRock-infused NoiseRock territories, presenting only minimalist vocal interventions but rather focusing on intense, and ever intensifying, quasi loops comprised of heavy guitar riffs and distinct thundering drums, oftentimes employing quite unusual musical meters and x or purposefully shortened bars to a well hypnotizing and mind-bending effect which surely will appeal to an experienced MathRock audience as well. Music for cold war scenarios, darkening skies and hyperbleak, greyscale'ish times to come with especially the final cut named "Interiors" being somewhat of a highly seductive underground hit for the informed and initiated. We likey. Go get!

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