Tuesday, August 22, 2023

Han Bennink / Terrie Ex - Instants! *Live At Les Instants Chavires [Terp Records 036 Promo]

For the uninitiated improvised music is a hard task to tackle. This goes for its tamed, slowly meandering iterations and even more for its raw, eruptive and Punk-informed variations. This being said "Instants! *Live At Les Instants Chavires", to be released via Terp Records on August 25th, 2k23 is of the latter named characteristic, with two of the genres most unpredictable and uncompromising players on stage. Over the course of 44 minutes and ten pieces Han Bennink and Terrie Ex, on drums and guitar respectively, are catering quite an intense session here, starting out on a tentative, explorative tip to find each others respective groove, or anti-groove, before wandering off into territories of scraping, clanging, feedbacks and fever'ish chaos followed by minimalist sequences, heavy string abuse as well as twangy, highly detailed and quasi-harmonic, yet off-kilter episodes alongside further improvisational goodness that make this album one for a small and well experienced FreeJazz- and Free Improv-informed Avantgarde audience. If you're not that, be aware of what you're getting yourself into before considering a purchase.


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