Friday, August 18, 2023

Kajsa Magnarsson - New Age Sound Aesthetics [Outerdisk]

Released via the Swedish label Outerdisk on June 1st, 2k23 is "New Age Sound Aesthetics", the latest solo album outing conceived by Kajsa Magnarsson. Presenting a total of nine tracks over the course of 32 minutes playtime Magnarsson fully indulges in a playful, meandering and free-floating take on electronic listening music which, probably with the exception of the rather minimalist Ambient of "Dancing With Voices" which could be described as a more naturalist version of certain Aube tunes, defies the confines of classic Ambient / ChillOut music despite being beatless and calm for the most part, yet rather seesm to aim at a curious exploration of the spiritual outerworld, with the enchanted Spoken Word passages and ritualistic rhythms of "Meditation" and the maritime melancholia of "Whale Stretch" speaking most to a rather New Age-informed audience whilst the short interlude that is "Growth" is tapping more into a Synth x (Neo)Cosmic vibe just to name a few. Lovely.

Album artwork on Instagram!


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