Tuesday, August 15, 2023

3CloneB - Knackpunkt [Psychocandies 103 Promo]

3CloneB is back on the Psychocandies imprint with his April 27th, 2k23 released "Knackpunkt". The digital two track single opens with the aptly named "Knackpunkt 01" which turns out to be a deep, yet super tense and pumping Broken Techno affair sporting EBM-leaning midrange bass synths, twisted vocal microsnippets and swampy, trippy, Intelligent techno-informed bleeps and sweeps meandering all over the place whilst the subsequent "Knackpunkt 02" brings forth a contemporary - and probably digitally created - updated variation of jacking Chicago Acid to be revered by all oldskool punters out there. Good stuff.


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