Friday, August 04, 2023

Die Frösche - Sumpflärm 01 (Reworked) [Infacted Recordings Promo]

Released digitally via Infacted Recordings on July 14th, 2k23 is "Sumpflärm 01 (Reworked)", an eleven track album effort originally conceived by Xotox mastermind Andreas Davids and Christian Bergmann a.k.a. DJ Frequen-C back in 2k13 which remained unreleased for over a decade. Working together as Die Frösche, a name inspired by their shared love and admiration for amphibian lifeforms, the duo cooked up a menu of tracks subsequently titled "Quak 01 - 11" with the track titles derived from the German word 'quaken' which is equivalent to the English 'to croak' describing the noise of talking frogs. Why? Probably because they could. This being said and despite the idea of this operation sounding somewhat conceptually corny the sonic result of this collaboration is hard hitting and highly functional - with especially tracks like "Quak 02", "Quak 03", and "Quak 06" amongst many others not only rocking Industrial dancefloors but also club environments prone to the Wonky Techno sound of greats like Dave Tarrida, Mark Hawkins, Crystal Distortion, Neil Landstrumm and the likes of or releases by labels like Chan'n'Mikes, Electronic Weed Crew, Ugly Funk or Mercuro Chrome. If those named names speak volumes to you this one is defo one to check out for a reason. Heavy.


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