Monday, August 14, 2023

Ritual Howls - Virtue Falters [Felte 086 Promo]

Released via the Los Angeles-based Felte label on May 12th, 2k23 is "Virtue Falters", the fourth longplay effort cooked up for the imprint by Detroit's Ritual Howls and the fifth album for the band in total. Catering eight brand new songs rolled out over a playtime of half an hour the band embarks on a thrilling journey into the twilights, fusing heavy GothRock and hard hitting snare drums with captivating baritone vocals and Industrial influences, causing havoc on dancefloors packed with creatures of the night with tunes like the opening "Dark Ceiling In Tennessee" and the twangy, slightly more uplifting "My Trash Mind" whilst "Humiliation" adds whirling, almost fever'ish Goth drama and the concluding "Cauterize My Eyes" harks back to the bands forward marching wall-of-sound production days for a spine-tingling closing. If you're into classic bands like Sisters Of Mercy or even more recent releases by German Goth x PostPunk legends No More "Virtue Falters" will surely appeal to you for a reason or two.

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