Saturday, August 05, 2023

Lea Boudreau - Limacon [Empreintes Digitales]

Released via Canada's self-proclaimed reference label named Empreintes Digitales on July 1st, 2k23 is "Limacon", the first full CD album release by Lea Boudreau. With a total of five compositional pieces rolled out over the course of roughly 42 minutes we see Boudreau exploring a realm of warm, organic and tentative Electronica structures defined and characterized by a use of comforting and all-embracing sinewave bass pulses and playful, oftentimes non-repetive bleeps and sweeps of probably modular origin, Deep Listening Music and swampy Ambient textures paired with abrasive digital scrapings and little joyful melodic motifs leading into large scale panoramic layers, experimentally plucked string sequences as well as faint echoes of Modern Classical music and deeply enchanted atmospheres especially prevalent in tunes like "Recovery" which would make a great fit as a score for early 70s style space adventure flics in parts whereas the final cut combines noisy, earth-shaking tectonic shifts, distant Field Recordings and a more collage-like approach for a closing just to pick out two standout cuts in particular. Recommended.

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