Monday, August 07, 2023

Artur Mackowiak - Secret Carnival [Fonoradar Records 020]

Going back into time with this review for Artur Mackowiak's "Secret Carnival", the latest in a series of albums released by the Polish artist over the past decade, this one put out the circuit via Fonoradar Records as their 020 on February 15th, 2k22. Sponsored by the cultural counsel of the city of Bydgoszcz the seven tracks and 37 minutes spanning longplayer opens from a perspective of shimmering, certainly Bass Music- x Vaporwave-informed, electronic cascades of an almost (Neo)Cosmic scale which are later joined by twangy, somewhat Desert PostRock infused guitar-based harmonies in tunes like "Wide Awake Now", with "Story Too Long" adding a certainly brooding and dramatic synth edge to the sonic spectrum, "Unbroken Circle" presenting a warm and positive, almost romantic variation of instrumental singer-songwriter'esque Folk modernisms and "Time To Go" pairing tender Ambient layers with echoes of Electronica and what seem to be looped Field Recordings from rural nature to create a chill and well comforting sonic tapestry for lovers of soothing sound textures just to name a few. Interesting stuff, this.

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