Saturday, August 12, 2023

Santa Teresa - Catholic Euphoria / Heaven Annihilates [self-released]

Available on the underground cassette circuit since March 30th, 2k23 is "Catholic Euphoria / Heaven Annihilates", the probably extremely limited debut release by Santa Teresa - a duo comprised of Alex Riviriego and Pere Xirau. Both hailing from Spain the duo combines the sonic spectra of snare drum and double bass to create a surprisingly screaming and intense sonic realm one wouldn't necessarily expect from the instrumental set up alone. Think electronically processed, scraping and certainly-off-kilter bowing techniques bordering on genres like Noize and grinding Rhythm Industrial, squealing high frequencies and what sounds like heavily amplified pressurized air flows making their way through the mechanic labyrinth of a complex brass instrument, creaking and bending wood, high speed snare eruptions on the brink of madness and ever meandering, quasi-harmonic microtonal layers which all make up the intense "Catholic Euphoria" side of the tape release whereas the flip dubbed "Heaven Annihilates" starts on an ambient'ish tip before embarking on a journey of tectonic low frequency Noize rumbles, cut-up techniques and nervous, partly unnerving signals buzzing and whirling around in the upper end of the audible spectrum. As intense as it gets.


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